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Hi! I'm Karen, but almost everyone calls me Kay.

Back in 2013, I left my K-8 General/Choral position in a private school when an opportunity to own a music store presented itself. The place was where I began piano lessons at age 6, and since I was feeling quite burned out after an emotionally stressful school year, I crunched some numbers and made it happen.

Music Room has grown quite a bit since then, and I am happy with my 50 students that study all different instruments, ranging from early childhood to adult, with some future music major and even professionals in my roster.

When COVID hit, we survived, but it was difficult. I decided I wanted to do some health coaching on the side, since fitness, dance and healthy eating and cooking are also passions of mine. I opened PAFE: Nutrition and Fitness, a side business separate from Music Room. There was a lot of business coaching, soul-searching and self-improvement that happened along the way, as that vision continued to change. I realized that I am meant to help teachers, as I continued to see all teachers, and especially music teachers struggle, burn out and fail.

It has been my mission since then to develop professional development especially geared towards teachers. A number of courses have been developed, or are continually being developed by myself and Music Room's staff to supplement music teachers' collegiate training. We also strive to make the difficult things easier, so they have the mental capacity to succceed in their passion of teaching children.

But I didn't want to leave health coaching behind. There are also courses that are developed (or are coming soon) for teacher wellness. When teachers are stressed or emotionally distressed, their health suffers. So there are resources and courses for fitness (to manage the stress and stay active in healthy ways), nutrition (to fuel in ways that manage health and stress) and self-care (which everyone needs, but never has time to implement).

Every item in the list can be used for an advanced student, college student, studio teacher, homeschool teacher or microschool teacher. But each item available was created especially for the busy, stressed-out, burned-out teacher. We know that if policies and budgets don't change, education is in trouble, but if what I create for you can prevent that from happening, then here it is!

I appreciate your time viewing my bio and my products. I sincerely hope you will take the next step and select a product that will improve your life and career in dramatic ways.

-Karen Janiszewski, BMed, MMed, CPT, CNC

  • Owner, Music Room and PAFE: Nutrition and Fitness

  • Bachelor of Music Education, Mansfield University of PA

  • Master of Music Education, Carnegie Mellon University

  • Certified Personal Trainer, NASM

  • Certified Nutrition Coach, NASM

  • with additional specializations in Weight Loss and Virtual Coaching

Karen (Kay) Janiszewski

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