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Music Classes From Home

On demand, specialized advanced music courses for students, music majors and even teachers, looking to hone their skills.

What is Uplevel U Music?

Uplevel U is a new department that Music Room is offering to advanced students, advanced musicians that are not currently students, college music major, and even current music teachers!

Sometimes there's an upper level skill that you want to learn that there just isn't time for in lessons or in a curriculum, but is still really important.

Our staff at Music Room has a really diverse skill set in music, meaning, we know a lot of weird stuff that you don't see all the time!  And for those that value these skills and topics, it can be hard to find proper instruction for these things. 

Take songwriting for example.  There's a lot to know, but it strays from most curricula so much that how do you begin to learn it?  Or even better, how can you teach it to your own students in an efficient way?

That's where Uplevel U Music comes in.  Click the button below to access our growing catalog of music courses that you can take at home, in a self-paced online format. 

Course Offerings:

  • How to Teach Songwriting to the Inspired Student
  • How to Increase Retention in Your Music Program
  • How to Teach Musicality and Expression 


It's okay if you aren't a teacher (or a teacher yet), because you can still learn the system that a teacher would use to make it simple for someone new at the topic. 

Click below to begin your next musical journey: