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How to Increase Retention In Your Music Program

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Everything you need to do to become ESSENTIAL to your students' livelihoods, creative development and schedule. You Have Students to Teach.. Or Maybe Not Enough of Them... This course is perfect for the teacher who needs the numbers. Maybe you're the new teacher at your school this year and the students are skeptical, so they quit before giving you a chance. Maybe between last year and this year you lost a lot of students from your ensembles, and you want them back! Or you just got hired at a music studio and you have only a few or no one to teach yet, so those precious few have to carry you through as long as possible while you grow. This is certainly true if you're starting your own studio too! Or you have been at a studio for awhile now and no one seems to stick around for any longer than a few months. 

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How to Increase Retention In Your Music Program

How to Increase Retention In Your Music Program

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