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Uplevel U: Music

What is Uplevel U: Music?

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Uplevel U is essentially a marriage of both of Karen's businesses, Music Room and PAFE: Nutrition and Fitness. Music professionals, both current and future, have so much on their plate that their physical and mental health gets neglected. Many and possibly most, put themselves on hold until their career feels like smooth sailing, which can feel impossible without the energy and stamina that a healthy lifestyle will bring.  In addition, music teachers, college music majors, advanced music students sometimes can't find resources they need for certain skills.

See where we're going here? It's a vicious circle that will ultimately end up in serious burnout or frustration.

Uplevel U is the place to go when it feels like something needs to change in the music career, so that you feel like you're able to shift your focus back to your personal development, guilt-free and with confidence.

It's easy to feel like you need to fix your career before fixing your life, body and mental health! After all, fixing your work culture will help everything else, right?

Yes and No. It's complicated.

But the bottom line is, with Uplevel U, we got you covered.

So then, what is it?


Uplevel U: Music is professional development, designed for the music teacher (school and studio), college music major and advanced student in mind. It contains programs of the important topics they either didn't cover in college, couldn't spend a lot of time on in college, or that was too specialized for your degree program.

But when certified music teachers are expected to teach everything: vocal, band, strings, general, theory, etc. Pre-K-12 through adult, it's not the fault of the colleges that everything can't be included in 4-6 years of study.

We get it. That's why we have an ever-growing catalog of courses you can take online, in your own time, to fill in the knowledge gaps you have. We're even going to be working with making these courses worth PD credit for professional ceritifcations!  So anything online course you're looking for to fulfill professional learning, professional development credit hours, whether your position requires them or not (like for studio teachers), there will be a course that fits your needs.  And we're proud to say that more online courses for PD/PL/CEUs will be added as time goes by!

Within the catalog of resources is a section devoted to wellness materials created especially for the busy teacher/music professional lifestyle, so you don't leave yourself out in the process.  It's all right there, with new courses and resources being added often.

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PD Certification


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