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Teacher Wellness and Weight Loss For Life

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How to Bring Your Best to the Classroom… Forever. The ultimate resource for physical wellness and weight loss, but leaves nothing out for mental and emotional self care. This is created specifically for teachers and teachers in training. Need to lose weight? To figure out how to get fit safely? Want to re-vamp the way you eat so that you are eating clean, healthy, and delicious foods in correct portions? Have issues creating and sticking to a plan for your busy lifestyle? This is your solution to ALL of it. Have the body you have always dreamed about, the confidence you know you deserve, the mobility, sustained energy and better sleep. If that all sounds too good to be true, it's because you never felt how possible it really is. Eat Right, Finally! Learn how much to eat for who you are and what your goals are. Learn how to homecook healthy meals, meal prep for busy workdays, and substitute in better choices for healthy meals. Be Fit! Learn how you should be working out... the right way. Get correct instruction on strength training, flexibility and mobility training and cardio for bonus calorie burn. Plan for Success With Accountability! Work with a live health coach to get a nutrition and fitness plan to get your goals. Then work on how to stay accountable for those days that you don't want to follow the plan. Also, learn how to deal with routine disruptors and how to include self-care to manage stress. Payment Plan Coming Soon!

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Teacher Wellness and Weight Loss For Life

Teacher Wellness and Weight Loss For Life

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