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Teaching Drums for the Non-Drummer

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Do you suddenly need to teach drums? Sometimes job descriptions change and drums are part of your schedule somehow: in ensembles, in a part-time placement, or because someone suddenly can't and your certification covers it! Or maybe you teach band instruments at a studio and you'd like to make yourself more marketable by teaching beginners. This course is for you! Perhaps you got a little bit of percussion pedagogy in college, but often it isn't enough, or maybe it was a long time ago. Still, this is the course to help you figure out how to get confident, skillful drummers in your program! Course Objectives: -Learn exactly what snare drummers need to know to survive in band, regional auditions and drum line - Understand the percussion expectations in each type of ensemble -Receive a comprehensive list (with video discussions) of resources you should have in your instructional library -Learn a system for teaching beginner drumset, including how to handle ear training, reading and pacing -Get ideas on how to develop your own system of instruction no matter what your job description requires- this course will help you immensely! Watch this video for even more information:

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Teaching Drums for the Non-Drummer

Teaching Drums for the Non-Drummer

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