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From Karen, Owner of Music Room-

Attention Music Room Community:
From Owner, Karen Janiszewski: Effective tomorrow, Monday, March 16, 2020: Music Room will be closed to the public until further notice, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. I have made this decision based on the fact that we are have a number of families with babies and small children, a number of grandparents that consistently help with student transportation, a number of families that have members with health reasons that might put them at higher risk for complications, and a number of adult students that are post-retirement age. For the safety of our client family and extended client family, our contribution to controling the spread of COVID-19 needs to come first.

After communicating to our teaching staff, all lessons will be changed to a video lesson teaching format to allow our instructors to teach from home. Please understand that this is a temporary situation based on extenuating circumstances. All students that switch to this style of lesson instruction are expected to return to the studio once it re-opens. Instructors should not be expected to permanently change to this style of instruction because if they are at Music Room teaching, our WIFI infrastructure cannot handle multiple video lessons at once and the quality of instruction (and time spent switching between live and video lessons) becomes dramatically decreased. Video lessons are fine for short term, but is not a viable way for students to maintain good playing technique for the long-term. We are instructing this way in order to keep the students learning actively during their time at home and to keep up their progress at a normal pace, so that lesson time and money isn't wasted "getting them back on track" after a break.

We realize that this is not going to work in every family situation. We will be suspending our "Every lesson must be paid for or made up" cancellation policy during this time. Each instructor will be contacting their clients to arrange for video lessons. Likely the same lesson times and days will apply.

In the meantime, prepare an area near the home practice area for a device that is capable for recording video to be set up, work with camera angles that make hands visible. Test the audio. Also the instructors have been encouraged to set up a paypal or Venmo account or something similar for payments. Your instructor will be contacting you for further arrangements.

For other services that we offer, repairs, important purchases, rental concerns, we will be handling these things on an appointment basis. I live very close to the store and can arrange for a time to meet and handle these needs. The best ways to contact me would be to email me at or Both addresses connect to my smartphone and is the quickest way for me to respond. A facebook message to Music Room's facebook page is also quick. You also may leave a message 668-5441. I can access the voicemail from home, but it would be a slower response time. These methods of communication are good for anything you might need of us, from lesson questions to instrument and supply needs.

We wish you all the very best during this difficult time. Please stay healthy! Thank you very much for understanding.

Mrs. Karen Janiszewski
Owner, Music Room

Booking Lessons for Students!  There is a nice scattered variety of times for all instruments.  Call today!

Music Room's 

High School Internship experience!  

Are you a high school senior that plans to be a college music major?  Do you need service hours for graduation?  Then our internship is perfect for you!  Not only can you fulfill your service hour requirement by helping out around the store and with events, but you will gain hands-on experience with music instruction and business.  You can also start working on your professional portfolio with some of the artifacts in our internship handbook.  Please call 668-5441 or email Karen at Karen@musicroombuffalo for details.  We currently have 2 open slots for interns for the Fall semester.

Music Room has begun an Educational Video Series on YouTube.  Our first video is about what age is a good age to begin lessons.  Check it out Here.  

Music Room's Scholarship Program

Music Room wants to give back to their students that work hard to achieve musical success.  We have begun a scholarship program to benefit students that work hard in lessons and for our events, and for students that are looking to continue their studies at a collegiate level as a music major.  For details or to donate, please click on our "Scholarship Tab."  Thank you!!

Established in 1960, The faculty at Music Room has been working to provide local music students with a strong education in their chosen discipline. 

We offer lessons for some of the best prices in the area.  Call for lesson prices.  There is no contract or time frame 

that you are committed to. 

Looking to rent or repair an instrument?  Need any books or accessories for a school music program?  Look no further!  We have what you need.

Please call 716-668-5441 for questions and scheduling.

Some cute new gift ideas.
We Teach:
Saxophone (all types)
French Horn
Snare Drum
Single Mallet Percussion
Drum Set
Bass Guitar
Music Theory (Applied concepts and tutoring)
Qualified Instruction for Students With Special Needs

We specialize in learning instruments the right way and teaching students to read notes from a music staff.  However, we also teach students to play their favorite songs by ear, as well as other skills.  We also prepare students for ECMEA and NYSSMA solos and have had many students make it into All-County and Area All-State in the past.
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    Music gifts for the whole family!

    Guitar straps and books

    We have instruments  for sale and rentals to rent for someone who wants to start now!  

    The shelves are crammed with Christmas ideas for musicians.

    Lots of supplies and accessories!