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Music Teachers and Students Upleveling Mind and Body

The place for current and future music teachers to get what they need for their lives and careers, to bring their best for those that matter most.
The place for serious music students to get what they're looking for that they can't find anywhere else.  Teachers, especially music teachers sometimes find that they aren't given the resources, support and professional development that's right for them.



Get the remaining skills you need, that maybe you didn't back in college. Learn ways to take care of yourself that will fit your hectic life the best.


Be the best version of the power teacher that you already are.

Being a serious music student is tricky too. Resources are either free and too superficial, or part of a weekly lesson where time will be spent on something else that's important.

Solve this problem today through a course, program or  that fits your needs. The the support you need on something that matters to you.

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Uplevel U: Health and Wellness For Teachers

Music Courses For Professional Development

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Audition Like a Pro!

Audition Like a Pro

Practice, Pace Yourself and Manage Your Nerves to Get What You Really Want

-For anyone that needs to tweak their audition skills

-For any kind of audition

-Learn to plan and pace your practice to avoid last-minute, stressful preparation

-Learn how to manage performance anxiety, a.k.a. stage fright, and make it disappear forever

-What exactly to do on the day of

-How not to miss any preparation steps, even if your teacher isn't working on every step with you

How To Teach Musicality and Expression

Teach Musicality and Expression

One of the most mysterious concepts in music has now been debunked.

"Play with FEELING"
"Put some PASSION into it"


Are you guilty of using these phrases with students? Has a music teacher ever said any of these to you ? Were you confused? Do you know how to do this now as a professional?

Learn a step-by-step process to  break down and teach expression and musicality to your students, so you can say those same phrases back to them.  They'll know exactly what you mean and play the most emotionally moving music you've ever heard from students.

The 12 Most Challenging Issues in Piano Pedagogy

Conquer the Issues in Piano Pedagogy and Teaching

Be a master of your students' struggles and help them get through any challenge in their learning. 

-Learn what the 12 most challenging issues are

-Address each issue with multiple teaching strategies, demonstrations and more

-Includes many resources you may distribute to your students as instructional aids

-Breaks down the ways students struggle and introduces verbage to encourage and correct them gently.

-Will save you and your students frustrations to make piano instruction easy!

Music Theory Is NOT Boring!

Teach Applied Music Theory

How to teach music theory so it will be fun and useful for your students.  This course format is perfect for students just beginning their theory journey, and those preparing to take AP Music Theory.

-Nurture a love for music theory through project creation.

-Nearly two dozen project ideas to use for assessments.

-Pedagogy best practices for the most basic theory techniques students need to know

-Resources included to aid instruction

-Ideas to allow students to showcase their accomplishments

How to Teach Songwriting to the Inspired Student

Teach Songwriting

Everyone wants to write a song but the majority of people don't know how to begin. 

Some part of the process seems impossible! 


-Tackle writer's block for lyrics

-How to write an effective melody

-How to write rhythms down according to what you hear in your head

-How to assign chords to play on a guitar or piano

-Learn to write every component of writing a song

-Learn how to teach this process to others... even non-musicians in a general or music appreciation class!!

How to Increase Retention In Your Music Program

Increase Retention in Music Program

Everything you need to do to become ESSENTIAL to your students' livelihoods, creative development and schedule.  You Have Students to Teach.. Or Maybe Not Enough of Them...

This course is perfect for the teacher who needs the numbers. Maybe you're the new teacher at your school this year and the students are skeptical, so they quit before giving you a chance.

Maybe  you lost a lot of students from your ensembles, and you want them back!

Or you just got hired at a music studio and you have only a few or no one to teach yet, so those precious few have to carry you through as long as possible while you grow. This is certainly true if you're starting your own studio too!

Or you have been at a studio for awhile now and no one seems to stick around for any longer than a few months.

Easy Music Arranging For Your Students... and You!

Stress Free, Timesaving and Moneymaking Music Arranging

Stress-free, timesaving and moneymaking music arranging to benefit your students and YOU!

-Grasp the basics for using a publishing program/app

-Explore multiple types of music arrangements for the different types of students you have

-Get a quick review in orchestration, in case you haven't done it since college, or have never learned

-Learn what you can and cannot arrange legally for profit, but how to use any arrangement legally for education purposes through our thorough examination of copyright law

-See how you can sell your arrangements online legally to make money on your work

-Understand how to turn your arranging skills into a second career and what it would take

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Audition Like a Pro!
Free Preview

Audition Like a Pro

Want a little sample to learn a little more about what the full course is all about?  Click the button above to try it out for free!

How to Teach Musicality and Expression
Free Preview

Teach Musicality and Expression in Music

Want a little sample to learn a little more about what the full course is all about?  Click the button above to try it out for free!

Music Theory Is NOT Boring!
Free Preview

Teach Applied Music Theory

Want a little sample to learn a little more about what the full course is all about?  Click the button above to try it out for free!

Stress-Free, Timesaving and Moneymaking Music Arranging
Free Preview


Stress Free, Timesaving, Moneymaking Music Arranging

Want a little sample to learn a little more about what the full course is all about?  Click the button above to try it out for free!

Conquering The 12 Most Challenging Issues In Piano Pedagogy
Free Preview


Piano Pedagogy

Want a little sample to learn a little more about what the full course is all about?  Click the button above to try it out for free!

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