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The 12 Most Challenging Issues in Piano Pedagogy

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Be a master of your students' struggles and help them get through any challenge in their learning. Watch your students excel at all aspects of piano. Just beginning to teach piano? Let this course be your main guide on how to teach them to read pitch and rhythm, set strong habits in posture and hand position, and what to do when encountering other musicianship, reading and repertoire challenges. Course Objectives: -You will learn what the most common issues are when teaching piano, and how to prevent them from even becoming issues with your students. -If you are a new teacher, you will feel much better equipped to handle students up to the intermediate level. -Receive emotionally-neutral critical prompts that students understand clearly, that will not disrupt the positive rapport you have built. -If you are an experienced teacher, you will refine your teaching skills, enjoy your day-to-day teaching with fewer frustrations, and retain more students because they will enjoy the process more! Watch here for more information!

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The 12 Most Challenging Issues in Piano Pedagogy

The 12 Most Challenging Issues in Piano Pedagogy

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