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Professional Development Requirement Information

Uplevel U: Music is trying to cover you in as many ways as we can. 

Your (very) hard-earned money is sacred and only to be used for the most important of investments.

That's why we are making the commitment to giving you even more...

Uplevel U: Music and PD Requirements

Aligning with Professional Development Standards

Our course content is created to adhere to the Learning Forward Standards, a set of professional development standards that are used by the majority of the 50 states in the USA.  These standards dictate a high level of quality that professional development opportunities need to have.

Aligning with State and National Music Standards

Created with the US National Standards in mind, an effort is being made by our creators to familiarize themselves with every state's music standards.  We want our courses to be as relevant and useful to music teachers as possible.

Applying to Become Providers

Some states require an application process to be considered an approved provider of professional development in their state.  The application process can be rigorous, and may include submission of references, evidence of aderence to standards, justification of relevance and much more.

Will an Uplevel U: Music Course Help
Me Earn My Required PD Hours?

We are working on it!

It is our goal to get as many of the Uplevel U: Music courses to be recognized as quality sources of PD hours, from as many states as possible.

As of the end of 2023, we have begun the process of reaching out to every individual US state to understand their process.  Every state is different.  Some require this decision to be made at the district level.  Some require an application to be considered and approved as a quality provider. 

It is going to be a lengthy process, but once completed, we want this to be a seamless and easy process for you to get PD credit hours.  This is the page to check for updates, once we know the status of approval.  In the meantime, you will receive a certificate that has your name, the date you completed the course and the number of instructional hours the course contained. 

We are in the process of completing downloadable reports for each course that has information that you may submit to the professional development decision-maker that is most relevant to your teaching situation.  This report will contain all the basic information about the course itself, the instructor and the course objectives.  It will also state the ways it supports the Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning, which have been adopted by many US states and countries around the world.  The report will also connect each course's content to the 2014 National Standards of Music, developed by the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards and NafME.

This report will be helpful if professional development credit hours are handled at the local/district level.  Please contact Karen@musicroombuffalo.com if you have any additional questions or are in need of any additional materials to submit for your hours.

Click here to access the Uplevel U: Music PD Course Reports

State By State Info

This list continues to grow!
At the State Level

Alabama- application pending

Arkansas- Approved through ARPDSAM

Kentucky- pending

Montana- Approved as a provider through OPI

Nevada- pending

North Dakota- pending

South Dakota- pending

Texas- Approved through TEA as a CPE provider

Wyoming- once total hours equal 7 or more, contact Uplevel for verification and we will issue you a certificate that you may forward to the state for proof

Click "More Info" above to access course reports for each course that discuss how Uplevel U: Music courses connect to the NafME music standards for students and the Learning Forward professional development standards.  You may send these reports to admin to help justify your PD hours.

States Where PD Is Handled Locally
  1. Alaska

  2. Arizona

  3. Colorado

  4. Connecticut

  5. Florida

  6. Idaho

  7. Illinois

  8. Iowa

  9. Kansas

  10. Louisiana

  11. Maine

  12. Minnesota

  13. Missouri

  14. New Mexico

  15. North Carolina

  16. Ohio

  17. Oklahoma

  18. Oregon

  19. Tennessee

  20. Utah

  21. Vermont

  22. Virginia

  23. West Virginia

  24. Wisconsin

What "Local" means:

Once a course has been completed, the certificate we issue you may be submitted to whomever in your district handles PD, in however fashion they have instructed to you.  If necessary, download and send a COURSE REPORT with it to help explain what you completed.

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