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Uplevel U: Health and Wellness Resources for Teachers

Music Teachers and Students Upleveling Mind and Body

The place for current and future music teachers to get what they need for their lives and careers, to bring their best for those that matter most.
Did you ever feel like no one understand what you go to during your day to day?  The constant thinking and decision-making, the lack of time, the putting yourself last.  The desire to workout to get more energy, but having no energy to begin.  The eagerness to eat healthy, home-cooked meals to aid in losing weight, but the lack of resources and time to do so.  The fear that our health is suffering because of our career choices, even though we know we must push on every day.  Other teachers must be the only ones that understand.

And we do.  I'd like to think that if the financial resources were available, there would be plenty of ways to make your life and career easier.  And someday, we can hope that the support will be there for us. 

But in the meantime, we have ourselves, our will to carry on, and our decision-making abilities. 

And this. 
Uplevel U has a separate department of health and wellness resources created especially for the teacher lifestyle.  Made by a teacher (with health coach training and certifications) for other teachers, its organization, verbage and intentions will gel with how you think and what you need. 

Burnout culture, poor nutrition and physical health in teachers are very real things you may be experiencing.  Whether you want to be proactive, improving on a deteriorating health situation, or worried what this next year is going to bring for you, the health resources here are your answer.

Check out the free downloadable e-books to get a feel for things.  But free is free, and doesn't come with any accountability.  You are given tools- the rest is for you to implement.

Take a look at the challenges.  Each one has ways to persuade you into keeping up with whatever change you seek to make... every day.  Every day you have a health coach to inspire you, to remind you, to give you practical ideas in the most encouraging way, despite her not being physically right next to you.

Lastly, our signature program, Teacher Wellness and Weight Loss for Life.  This does include live coaching.  It covers nutrition, workouts and emotional/mental wellness.  The program will completely overhaul your life.  It is totally customized for your body and your lifestyle and leaves nothing out.  The program is limited to only ten people at one time.  If you're interested to learn more, please schedule an informational call with Kay by emailing her at or

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"Finally, support for us teachers!  I hope they turn your life around in ways that help you inspire your students in ways that improve our entire world!" -Kay

Health and Wellness Guided Challenges

Do you know you need to spend time with self care, but you don't know where to begin?  Does it get pushed to the side and never ends up happening?

This is perfect for you.

Enjoy methods of self care that work best for your mind!  Learn to budget and make time for it daly.


-Guided challenge that gives you mutliple ways to experience self care daily. 

-Time committment per day is estimated at 15 minutes

-Accountability system included.

30-Day Self Care Quest

PAFE 30-Day Self Care Quest.png

21-Day Self-Guided
Weight Loss Challenge

21 Day Self Guided Weight Los Challenge for Teachers

Get a weight loss plan personalized for your body, and a system that brings together good nutrition and a workout program that you customize to your abilities. 

Using the good old method of diet + exericse, today known as a calorie deficit, lose the weight using science, not gimmicks. 

-Includes a well-rounded workout plan

-Provides meal ideas, ingredient substitutions and recipes

-Foolproof daily accountability system

-Access to a community group with other challengers.

6-Week Healthy
Habit Challenge

6 Week Healthy Habit Challenge for Teachers

If you envisioned your healthy lifestyle, what new habits would you do each day? 

Imagine picking 5 new healthy habits and having the perfect accountability system to make you excited to stick with it each day, a little at a time. 

The 6-Week Healthy Habit Challenge does exactly that, with a little surprise included that begs you to come back every day to see it through. 

-Multiple accountability systems included

-Resources to help you pick and plan out your new habit implementation

-Access to community group to help aid in your accountability

-Reward system planning

Signature Program

Teacher Wellness and Weight Loss for Life!

Signature Healthy Lifestyle for Life Program for Teachers

The Ultimate Program to Overhaul Your Life to Become Healthy... Once and For All!

-Get customized workouts and a plan by a real personal trainer that will improve your energy, stamina, strength, flexibility and endurance.

-Get strategies that will show you exactly how much to eat each day to lose weight at a healthy pace.

-Learn how to handle several different aspects of wellness to improve your mental health.

-Receive a weekly coaching call from Kay to work on the aspects that challenge you the most.

-See results and positive changes right away, continue improving your lifestyle for 12 weeks.

-So much more.  Click above to learn more.

Prefer to Start Small?

Part of Uplevel U is a mission to provide you with resources to support you. 

Just- you. Your physical health, your sense of wellness and your health goals that you can't afford to neglect.

Take care of you so you can be your best for your students.

DIY Healthy Meal Guide

DIY Healthy Meal Guide for Busy Teachers

Use this to come up with the right numbers for you control your weight, eat to support it, and plan and prep your meals in a way that is fast, easy and doesn't stress you out!

-Quick calorie-counting references

-Templates and lists

-Helps you make decisions fast so you can save time planning

-Teaches you to meal prep efficiently

-Helps you make choices to save you money every week

-Meal planning by food groups to help you get the nutritients needed to keep you healthy and full of energy

-Provides additional recommended resources you can find online for free

-Much more

-Download file you keep, can print out templates as often as you need

Wellness Guide for Teachers

Wellness Guide for Teachers E-Book

Learn How To Create Quick Moments To Manage All Areas Of Wellness

-Regain balance in your mental and emotional health again
-Know HOW To give yourself the most benefiticial self care for your lifestyle
-Get through the day without feeling drained, discouraged and done
-Realize the power of choosing how your emotions react
-Bring your best self to the classroom: teacher burnout won't touch you
-Be investing in good mental health always, not reacting to bad days

Accountability Assistant
for Teachers

Accountability Assistant for Teachers E-Book

Got health, fitness or wellness goals but are super worried about how to stick to them?  Let this free guide help you!

-Gets You More Motivated To Create Lasting Habits For Your Health
-Makes It Easy To Devise An Exact Way To Stick To Your Goals That Is Perfect For The Way You Think
-Gives You Confidence That You'll Make The Right Decision When Faced With Temptation
-Escape The Yo-Yo Cycle Of Falling Off The Wagon, Feeling Awful About It, Wanting To Get Back On The Right Path, but Are Skeptical
-See It Work With Your Unique Busy Teacher Lifestyle

Quick Start Guide to Weight Loss for Teachers

Quick Start Weight Loss Guide for Teachers

FREE ebook on weight loss designed specifically for the busy teacher lifestyle.  Don't worry about investing serious time or money on products or equipment to get started.  You just need your facts right.

-Escape Weight Loss Products And Methods That Don't Work
-Discover That You Can Lose Weight Without A Special Diet, Or Eliminating A Food Group
-STOP Worrying About Conflicting Knowlege On The Internet
-Makes It Easy To Figure Out How Much You Should Be Eat to Lose Weight

Mind Guide for
Permanent Weight Loss

Mindset Guide for Teachers

One of the challenges of losing weight is getting your thoughts to be unfalteringly supportive, especially when your stress level as a teacher is at an all-time high!

- Get The Real SECRET For An Unstoppable Path To The Upleveled Version Of You
- Escape The Dark, Stressful, "Impossible" Place You Think You Are In
- Discover Health Goal Achievement, Lifelong Healthy Habits And A Positive Mindset
- Quickly Understand Why You Can Take Control FIRST, Before You Wait For Your Situation To Change
Get started today with a free download!

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